About Time

by Le Berger

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The two pieces from About Time are sailing in a minimalist drone ocean, trying to reach the horizon to look back at themselves. But even though they know it's absolutely illusory, the tracks slowly evolve to follow this impossible dream.

A restrained tale about time bending and undefined patience, whispering to our ears that infinity is within range of anything willing to find it. Favorite track: The Never Ever.


Close your eyes, become extinct.

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Samuel Landry has been working to distinguish his craft under the guise of Le Berger for quite a few years, mostly self-releasing digital-only records, mostly flying below the radar. But last year, the world at large saw what Landry was capable of on his solo debut physical release, Music For Guitar & Patience on Home Normal, which was his most ambitious and fully realized release to date.

About Time is the follow up to Music For Guitar & Patience, another digital-only self-released record, and it sees Landry moving towards an even grander sound. It’s a double record in the truest sense, two songs that are roughly 40 minutes long, with two bite-sized bonus songs, and its drone as majestic and intimate as anything you’ve heard. Centered around the concept of time being beyond the grasp of our minds, these songs are teeming with the utmost refinement, smooth slow burning meditations on the truths and absolutes of the unknown, eschewing the shock and awe wall of noise treatment for ethereal minimalism that breathes life into the ubiquitous and otherwise inert Cosmic Dust, Landry achieves an unequalled perfection with poise and intentionality.

- Justin Snow

N.B. All funds gathered from the digital sales of this album will be invested in my brewery project. If you wish to learn more about said project or fund it directly please go to www.indiegogo.com/projects/les-gueux/x/13483044#/


released April 11, 2016

Not words & somewhat music by Le Berger
Cover artwork by René Margraff



all rights reserved


Le Berger Montréal, Québec

Organo-soulcialist, radicalnadian, con-poser & con-artist interested in weaving realities with the fibers of empowered beings. Duo not Dao.

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